Attend the Once Upon a Prom Show – Nov 24 & 25, 2017

Once Upon a Prom Show

Join us at the Enercare Centre on Nov 24 & 25 for
We are show casing our music, sound and lighting for your prom.
You school dances, theme parties, semi-formals and Prom are important to the social life for students, and we’ve got the best sound and wildest lighting for an epic party. Attend the Prom Show and see great vendors and get ideas for your school dances and Prom.
Stop by our booth and ask about our discount coupon
Contact us today for more information 647 528 3548.

Wedding Venue Open House Sum June 12, 2016

Wedding Venue Open House Summer Gala

Experience Estates is hosting a Summer Gala Grand Reveal event at their signature wedding venue property in Caledon

This lush acreage features a wedding venue that could be all yours for your entire wedding event. Ceremony, unique expansive house, pool, forested grounds, accommodations and Perpetual Rhythms for all your music, sound and lighting, DJ and MC services for the most upscale wedding experience.

Join us Sunday June 12, 2016 from 12 noon to 6 pm to experience this one of a kind wedding venue. Several private rooms, a grand ballroom, outdoor deck, large indoor and outdoor cocktail spaces, ceremony sites galore, room for a 200 person tent and much more.

This Gala will expose over 200 industry experts, wedding planners and engaged couples to this wonderful venue for a private affair away from it all.

Perpetual Rhythms is the featured DJ services and we’ll be there to answer all your wedding questions, leading to the big day, full music, sound, lighting, DJ/MC services for a complete entertainment experience. We can provide sound throughout the venue for a seamless musical experience.

Wedding Venue Open House

Wedding Venue Open House

Wedding Venue

Grand Ballroom

Wedding Venue

Large Deck overlooking Forest

Wedding Venue

Deck looking back toward the house

Wedding Venue

Property includes full service pool


Halloween Party DJ – Scary tunes for Spooktacular Fun

If you need a Halloween Party DJ we’re not afraid of the dark !!!

Our talented and fun Halloween Party DJ team can bring everything you need to celebrate this costume party time to life. We dress up too !!!

We do house parties, larger events at venues and can promise all request and up to date music, sound, fog, lighting and spooktacular fun, costume parade, prized and a good time for all who survive without meeting Dracula or Jason !!!

Large or small, we do them all. Call today, or are you afraid ??? Our vampires are staffing the phones in search of a bloody good time. Frankenstein is loading the hearse with the gear, and a few extra body parts. Freakish

For all you Dad’s and Mummies, we do kids’ parties as well and can even play from your garage and entertain the whole street on October 31 as the little monsters pass through the neighbour. Your home could be the hit of the street !!! A real Thriller !!!

Call our Halloween Party DJ line today before it’s gone in a Flash.

647 528 3548 (DJ4U)


Avoid Vendor Conflicts – Does Your DJ help your Photographer take better photos?

Avoid Vendor Conflicts

If your DJ works WITH your photographer, you get better photos.

Let’s face it. Everyone you hire for your wedding wants to do their best work for you. Your photographer wants to take great photos and your videographer wants a perfectly flowing coverage of your day. Your DJ wants a great party. Sometimes, they get in each other’s way, and some one loses – You! Avoid Vendor Conflicts. Why?

Take the First Dance, for example. The DJ has his lights trained on the dance floor. The music begins and the bride and groom step onto the floor. The photographer/videographer is capturing the moments. Upon review, you notice that the DJ’s light has cast its beam onto your dress, totally covering it in coloured spots or a white streak, or the monogram in the middle of the dance floor goes up one side and down the other as you dance, blocking the original path of the beam. Now, the photographers’ perfect shot is ruined. Video may be a bit more forgiving, but photography is a moment in time, and once it’s ruined, they can’t fix it. Same happens during the Father/Bride and Groom/Mom dances. Photoshop aside, it could have been better. How? Avoid Vendor Conflicts in the first place.

We use DMX to control their lights, which allows us to aim, change colour, change intensity and even turn them OFF from our DJ booth at key times to allow the photographer/videographer to get those perfect shots. We make a point of sharing our event schedule with them at the beginning of and all through the reception, and ask them how we can help them get better shots, even if it means turning off our special effect lighting as just the right moment. We understand that a few seconds or even minutes of “Lights Out” to enable full control camera settings gives you wonderful memories, not the memory of a tender moment ruined by a smear of white light or coloured dots!

We recommend when considering your DJ, that you make sure they can explain in great detail how they operate and control their lights, and if they do not use DMX to control every function of the light, then you have the wrong DJ. Don’t blame your photographer or videographer for bad pictures, if the DJ’s lights caused the problem.

We program our lights at the venue, on the day, based on the actual floor plan. We  can also reprogram on the fly and even just turn them off, what ever it takes to help the photographer/videographer get the best shots they can for YOU.

The DJ creates the moment, and the photographer/videographer create the memory. Make it a great one by selecting vendors who can work together for your best results. When you ask better questions, you get better answers.

Wedding Music makes Wedding Magic

What to look for when you Hire A DJ

Hire A DJ 

Here’s some critical tips when you Hire a DJ for Your Wedding or Special Event

Hire A DJ with the right skills to make it great

Hire A DJ with the right skills to make it great

We have compared our services to many DJs out there, and found as many as 34 differentiating features that set us apart when you go to hire a DJ for your wedding or special event. No other DJ can match our level of commitment to the total success of your wedding or special event and we can prove it.

The DJ can make it or break it, and to often, people shop based on price, not true value, and find out AT their event they made mistake. That’s sad, and we’d like to help you avoid disappointment. Our list of features is extensive, and in this post, we share a link to a few of these important features.

Any one of these features, if missing, could ruin your event. We encourage you to learn what a real DJ/MC ought to do and how, and invest the time, on behalf of all your guests, to pick the best DJ/MC you can find. In the end, the money you saved will be of little consolation if your wedding or special event is ruined.

Click here to learn more when you Hire a DJ for your wedding or special event. Contact us for the whole list!

Great DJ Services Can Save You Money But not if they’re low Priced !

Great DJ Services Can Save You Money ;

Bad DJs can cost You a fortune.

I hope lots of couples take your advice. DJs offer non-stop music where as even the best bands take a break and the bar tab alone could cost more than a DJ for the whole night. DJs offer the widest range of music and the ability to change gears in a second, something bands with pre-planned sets cannot do. DJs have the latest songs, while a good band needs time to practice and perfect their version of that song. DJs can leave the console and do sound checks, which a band cannot do.

Your comment about industry comments, help and advice is worth a lot to any couple. They’ve never planned a wedding before and have little to no experience. DJs have seen lots of vendors and the results of their work and can offer valuable advice, which heightens their credibility. For a small incremental fee over a cheap DJ, clients should invest in a better <a href=””>DJ</a> /MC, with professional equipment and on-site backup, lighting, ceremony sound services and mics, for an entire wedding day experience they’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Stephanie + Brad | Credit Valley Ballroom at Glenerin Inn and Spa

-large outdoor patio surrounded by lush, mature trees which create a private space for your wedding ceremony

-smaller Evans Ballroom provides and alternate ceremony space in case of a rainy day or cooler temperatures

-Oak Room provided a cozy space for guests to mingle during Cocktail Hour

-The meal offered by the master chef at Glenerin Inn was exceptional, as always.

-Several of Stephanie and Brad’s guests attended from out-of-town…as far away as ____. It was so convenient for them to stay overnight, right onsite.






Glenerin Inn and The Spa 85th Anniversary Open House

Join us on Thursday June 14 from 4-9pm for a Roaring 20’s themed eventing of music, dancing, food and drinks as we celebrate the 85th Anniversary of this quaint and splendorous Inn and Wedding Venue. Perpetual Rhythms will be providing sound, lighting and technical support as we share the spotlight with live trio and singer. Charleston dance routines and lessons will set the ballroom dance floor on fire. It’s free and it’s going to be a lot of fun.Come see the venue for your next corporate meeting, wedding or party or a weekend retreat. Nestled in Mississauga green space, it’s located at 1695 The Collegeway (Dundas/Mississauga Road area). Hope to see you there.

Walls and Ceiling Express the architecture of your venue

Bring your room to life with vibrant wall wash colour