Toronto DJ Services: Events, Weddings, Kid’s Party DJ

Our full range of DJ Services in Toronto, the GTA and all over Ontario, including DJ and MC Services, Music, Sound, Lighting and more.

Why should you settle for less when you need to hire one of the best Toronto DJ services, or anywhere in Ontario for that matter? Below are some of the many aspects of our services that are standard for all our events, big or small. We simply do not compromise. Ever. Neither should you.

We offer 34 differentiating features that set our Toronto DJ services apart. Why so many? Because there is that much more to DJing your wedding than just playing music, and we think they’re critically important to the success of your wedding. Here’s some from our list:

1. We hold a valid CONNECT Music License (formerly AVLA) and are fully Insured for your protection and Peace of Mind.

2. Professional sound equipment, for both quality and reliability. Don’t settle for small speakers, even for a smaller wedding. You need great sound quality and clarity, or your guests will simply leave.

3. Full Supply of Back up Equipment on site  – enough gear to run another event in another room – and we’ve had to do that twice so far when the other client’s DJ didn’t show up. Imagine! (not “available” or “on standby” like many other DJ Services in Toronto and elsewhere), we are ready to go… just in case, so your party doesn’t stop. We’ve never needed it, but do you want to risk it? We don’t, either. Reliability is critical. Don’t take chances.

4. A Request Card on every table, not only provides musical input, but act as an icebreaker for your guests as they get to know each other over dinner. Music is the Universal Language of Humanity. We speak “Fun.” We make these requests and Your favourites a priority so everyone has a really great time with up to 100% of the event driven by these song requests.

5. Our Wedding Planning, Toronto DJ Services and Dance Instruction are Available Independently, so even if you chose other DJ services or a band, we are still happy to teach you to dance and are very satisfied to have contributed to your special day. Many DJ Services in Toronto send us their brides and we are delighted to teach them to dance for their weddings.

6. We Travel all over Ontario and beyond, not just the GTA. If you really want us, we really want you, too!

For the full list, contact us and we will send you more information that could really can’t do without.

Please have a look at our Drop Down Menus for the type of event you are planning, and contact us to discuss the specific details and let our experts help you. Then, prepare to be amazed !