Our DJ Sound System – Hearing Is Believing!

Most mobile DJ Sound Systems are too small so the music doesn’t sound great and your guests will simply … leave.

Our Basic DJ Sound System consists of an incredible line array speaker system standing 6 feet tall for uncompromised sound clarity.¬†They’re engineered to sound better than any other DJ Sound System.

These can cover the largest rooms with ease.. Don’t worry, for a smaller number of guests, we turn it way down.

Premium Sound without the premium price means we engineer our sound solutions to the size of the room, not just the number of guests. We understand all the techie acoustic stuff, in fact, one of the 14 books I wrote features an entire 76-page chapter about it. We make sure you get the right level of sound so everyone hears everything, and can have the best time at your event.

We play at a sensible volume enabling table talk for the enjoyment of all your guests, yet announcements are clearly heard throughout the room.

State of the art digital playback console is totally integrated with only 4 cables for the fastest setup, smallest footprint and highest reliability.

Digital Music / Hard Disc Playback Controller and Mac Computers offer state of the art technology and reliability (we bring 2 “Macs” because anything can fail – but not your wedding reception. Our reputation depends on reliability.

DJ Sound System is Continually Monitored throughout the event to ensure correct volume and tonal balance so the music sounds perfect.