We Offer A Totally Unique & Customized
Mobile DJ Services Providing a Sound Solution for
Your Specific Event – Wonderful and Worry-Free

Because each event is customized, not a pre-defined “package”, we offer a-la-carte pricing so you only pay for what you need. We are really interested in learning about your event and making sure we exceed your expectations. To quote a price, we need some basic information or any price you get is meaningless. How much is a car? It depends on the car. Please shop for value, not base your decision on price alone. A low priced DJ could be the most expensive mistake you make, so invest in the best and forget the rest.

Many wedding and event experts recommend setting aside 10% of your entire event budget for your DJ entertainment. The DJ is 100% responsible for the success of your reception and party, so make sure you don’t cut corners on such a significant service as it can affect everything.

“They say every cloud has a silver lining, and you were the silver lining to our cloud.

Having our DJ “bail out” on us just two months before the wedding was a horrendous experience. Your professionalism showed through in every aspect and you helped calm some very ruffled feathers.

As if that was not enough, to have the same thing happen again with the video, and this time with less than a month to go, was a disaster of “Titanic” proportions.

One more time, you “pulled a rabbit out of your very talented hat.” All of this proved one thing – “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!”

Debbie and Bernie

We offer high value and for about the price of a drink, you can hire our Wedding DJ Services. We truly care about the success of  your entire wedding day or special event.

Now, you can relax, enjoy your event and imagine: being a guest at your own event!

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