Learning to Dance could be your next new hobby.

It’s fun, a relaxed form of exercise, builds confidence and social skill and gives you a whole new appreciation for music.

Got a special event coming up? Wedding, party, reunion? We can get you ready to impress and have much more fun tripping the light fantastic with our private and group dance lessons.

Single? Looking for Mr. or Miss Right? What a great social skill. Build confidence, move with grace and style and get noticed. We’ve taught hundreds of single people who have gone on to meet that special someone because of the private and group dance lessons they took with us. We are so thrilled to impact people’s lives in this way. We’ve even DJ’d their weddings!

Private classes are for one person or one couple. Group classes are for 4 to 12 people. We recommend you form your own group with friends or family, so you’re amongst people you know and let the fun begin.

We use a combination of strict tempo dance music and current Top 40 so you can learn to dance to anything a band or DJ might play at a wedding or party.

Call today and let’s Get Dancing.