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Sure, you could hire another DJ or entertainment services company. But if you want an unforgettable event, look no further than Perpetual Rhythms!

Perpetual Rhythms :: Why Choose Us for Your Next Wedding, Celebration or Corporate Event

Why Choose Us?

40 Years of Experience, Award-Winning DJ Services, 5-Star Rated MC … Just a Few of the 40 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us!

40 Years of Experience

While different music fads will come and go, how to keep a dance floor packed and the party jumping doesn’t change. We’ve learned more than a thing or two about playing the right music at the right time and the right volume, and we bring all that skill to every wedding, celebration and event.

Save Thousands of Dollars

It can be tough to plan a wedding, celebration or event and keep within a reasonable budget. The cost of things you want can add up so quickly. But having been in this industry for so long, we can help you save thousands of dollars. Check out our Wedding Planning Strategy Session before you buy a single thing for your wedding or event!

Award-Winning Services

This isn’t just some part-time gig for us, it’s a full-time commitment that we take very seriously. Our professionalism hasn’t gone unnoticed: we’re a two-time winner of the CPDJA’s National President’s Award for our DJ services and a 5-Star Rated Professional Emcee Award winner.

Full Background Checks

We have complete and current background police checks and are more than happy to provide them upon request. This gives peace-of-mind to parents, guardians or chaperones at any events that we work out where children are, including birthday parties, proms and other celebrations.

Fully Licensed Music

If you want to play music in a public place, you must have the appropriate licensing – you can’t just download a bunch of songs and go DJ a wedding. We’re fully licensed with CONNECT Music Licensing, meaning we’re fully compliant and the artists who produce this music get paid for their hard work.

Fully Insured

We carry the full protection of public liability. Nobody ever wants anything to go wrong, but we’d be naïve to not be prepared if something does. Many venues won’t even let a DJ on the premises without getting a copy of their insurance policy. That’s one less thing to worry about when you choose Perpetual Rhythms!

One-Stop Shopping

When you’re planning a wedding, party, celebration or other type of event, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. Our full range of services include Wedding Planner, Day Of Coordinator, DJ, MC, officiant, and dance floor lighting makes it easier for you because you don’t have so many vendors to coordinate. Keeping it simple helps reduce the stress you have to deal with!

Full On-Site Backup Equipment

While we carry the best and most reliable equipment available, we still bring a complete set of backup equipment to every event. Yes, you read that right: We bring 2 complete sound systems. We could play two events in two different rooms, and we’ve done this twice when the other couple’s DJ didn’t even bother to show up! This is how we safeguard your event, no matter what. Ever a full venue power outage won’t stop us! That’s reliability to the Max. That’s Peace Of Mind.

Professional Quality Sound & Lighting

We’ve invested in the best professional sound and lighting equipment. We can fill any event space, indoor or outside, with twice the coverage at half the loudness, so everyone can stay in the event space, dance their feet off and have a normal conversation even on the dance floor. It’s so uniform everywhere, that every one hears every thing. You’ll be amazed.

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