It is so sad to hear this news about Berkley and its many event spaces closing without notice or warning, as couples continued to paid deposits only days before the announcement. Don’t get me started !!!

This does not mean your hands are tied. Let’s break free and get you married, and even better. Have Hope.

Berkley Closure

Berkley Closure does not mean your hands are tied

I feel for al the couples who’s weddings have been impacted by the Berkley closures. I can help.

My first piece of encouraging news is keep the date. I know already, that  some of you have had your date come and go as I’m writing this, so please know our hearts bleed for you all. Take it as a test of your resilience, and get ready for a life of success, even if it’s the hard way. You’ll make it. Keeping the date means keeping the anniversary dates for ever.

Keeping the date and having great vendors willing to work with you are key factors. Clearly, you chose the date (or did the venue pick it based on their availability?). If you can keep the date, there are lots of venues bending over backwards to help by posting about their availability, places you likely never heard of: Barns, farms, green houses, major hotels, even banquet halls are all pitching in, so spend a whole day calling. Have a date and guest count in mind. This will rule out places that are too small or too big. And then there’s the back yard. It was big during 2020, 2021 and onward, so why not now? It’s still a valid option. And, you know it’s available !!!

I know that the Berkley venues included a lot, such a food, tables and chairs and all that, so it could be a bit of an uphill climb, but you do can do it. I’m a wedding planner, and I can certainly help you chip away at this. And we do it in one day.

Great vendors won’t abandon you. During COVID, we turned down 10 weddings for one couple to whom we made a promise. Then they moved their wedding a year, and we turned down 10 more weddings on their new date. Yikes. But, we made a promise and we would never cancel on our couples. It’s the bottom testimonial on this page. Isabel and Dyllon left us a great testimonial and said “Above all, trust Ron. He knows what he’s doing.”

Sadly, many vendors book at low price just to get booked until something better comes along and then bye-bye you.

If any of your vendors can’t support your new date or location, you need to replace them, and fast. We can help there as well. I have lots of top quality people I can happily refer you to, free of charge. I know they will do what ever it takes to help you. That’s why we love referring them.

The problem with venues that have built in PA is that their DJs don’t have to have/bring it. The risk is that that DJ won’t be able, or have the experience, to do a completely stand alone wedding, like the new form that yours may take. You may need to hire a new DJ, and again, we can help. We are fully mobile, self contained and ready. We don’t use spotify, or online streaming of music. We have the music and can even play off grid with no hydro. We are ready to help you. And, at 2019 prices. Yep. We care.

Another vendor that is often venue inclusive is the officiant. Shirlee, my wife, and I are also both officiants. So, if you find yourself in need to that mission critical service, or the new timing precludes your officiant from doing your new wedding (as many book multiple weddings and now, can’t service them all due to travel logistics), we can help. We only book one wedding each per date, so even a delay won’t affect our ability to deliver and your desire to get married !!! And, on the date you wanted.

If you need help, of any kind, please just call me. I will give you advice and tips based on four decades of experience and a true desire to make this all work out. You deserve the best wedding we can help you have. I promise.