Despite COVID-19, now is the time to still plan your wedding.

We sincerely hope you are healthy and coping. This is really tight for millions of people, and we’re all in this together.

Thousands of couples have been forced to postpone their weddings until… ??? I wanted to offer some insight and advice, to help you can plan your wedding now and have the best wedding possible, whenever that comes to pass. Don’t give up.

We are already seeing the impact with April, May and even the whole summer of weddings being postponed. Some couples are booking a new date in the fall, or even 2021. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you plan your wedding now.

  1. Don’t give up, downsize or reduce the level of wedding you really want. You will live to regret it and COVID wins. Stay on plan, and know it’s going to be the wedding you want.
  2. Use the time to chose a new date and confirm with your venue their availability. It is more important than ever to understand their deposit and cancellation/postponement terms, so you don’t get caught. We know of at least one venue that is making their April couples rebook for a date within 2 months. No one call ensure COVID will be over nor the government policies will be lifted, so this is totally unfair, and probably illegal too. Be careful.
  3. Use the time to save more money, helping make your dream wedding even more affordable. Please do not cut corners, DIY what real professionals should be hired to do properly (Photography, video, DJ, etc.).
  4. Use the time to call and interview key vendors, as listed in 3 above, so you know WHO you want to hire. Once you’re ready, booking is a simple phone call. If you wait to start interviewing months from now, the best will already be hired and you’re going to end up with vendors no one else wanted. You deserve the best and that takes calling now and host virtual meetings to learn what makes the best vendors so good at what they do.

We offer wedding planning, to help chose the perfect date and save you thousands of dollars on an even better wedding !  Can you afford not to call us, since we’re all home and we work from home any way, so let’s chat.

We are also wedding officiants, offering one less vendor to source and we’re really comfortable leading your ceremony with our prime directive of vast experience as professional DJs and MCs.

Perpetual Rhythms is still going strong with 39 years of experience behind us to create the future. We offer the best sound, all request music, lighting, DJ/MC for an end to end wedding experience.

Finally, and only when COVID ends, we welcome couples to our Etobicoke Dance Studio, where we teach couples to dance for their weddings, for a First Dance You’ll never forget.

Let us help you plan, and realize your dream wedding beyond what any other DJ service has to offer and we can prove it. Just give us a call and let’s discuss your dream wedding – our favourite subject!

I wish you good health, peace and calm as we navigate a new world, knowing the soon, you will get married and live the life you’ve planned.


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