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Wedding Day Of Coordinator has become a “thing.” Actually, a person. Us.

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So you’ve planned your perfect wedding, crossed all the “T”s and dotted all the “I”s.

Now you are hoping it will all go off without a hitch.

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Does a movie not have a director? A team not have a coach? A business not have a COO?

Who’s going to ensure the cast delivers their lines, the players run the play, the job gets done? All, so you win the game?

They’re the Day Of Coordinator. Do you need one? Let’s find out.

There so many day of vendors, each one hired by you, trusted by you and trying to do their best for you, but, who’s running your wedding? You can’t. Your spouse to be can’t. Your parents can’t nor can your wedding party. Nor should any of these people do anything but enjoy the exciting wedding you planned.

Get Up. Get Married. That’s It.

Why Do We Offer This For You?

To be honest, it is out of a sense of frustration with weddings we’ve seen be less that what the couple truly wanted, and couldn’t do a darn thing about it, that drove us to add this service and webpage based on our total wedding industry experience. It breaks my heart to see a couple flustered, texting vendors, looking so worried, even having a meltdown because it’s all just so darn… overwhelming. Are you hearing me? It’s not your fault. You’ve never done this before. Sure there’s the online world of advice from everyone who have zero skin in the (your) game. They’re not paying for this. You are. So, how do you plan a wedding? Hop over to our wedding planning strategy page to read and listen to some of our couples for whom we’re doing everything !!! So fun.

Can’t My Family and Friends Do This?

Some couples assign tasks to friends, family and if they fail, don’t know how to forget, even if it’s just a couple glasses of wine too many, it can impact your wedding and relationship forever. Let us take all this stress, responsibility and worry away, and replace it with experience, confidence, fun sense of humour as your day of coordinator so your wedding runs smoothly and everyone gets to have a great time. Especially YOU!

You planned it. Let us make it happen.

In a world of DIY, this have become even more important. Who brings the centre pieces you all made? Who sets them up? Who tells the decor team or the cake person what goes where? Who creates the floor plan? Where should the DJ setup? Sure, you can trust the venue, as they’ve done this a thousand times. No so much if it’s a back yard, tent, barn or some less formal space, where there are decades of even and venue experience at the ready. Who else knows what you have in mind? We’ve seen head tables on the wrong side of the room, dance floors in the wrong place, cake way over there… and so much more that if we didn’t step in, even head tables that nearly caught fire would have ruined the whole wedding. Oh, the stories I could tell you. Or, we create and deliver your storybook wedding. Pick one.

No Trauma. No Drama, No Stress. No Mess.
Let Perpetual Rhythms coordine your perfect wedding day!

Why Trust Perpetual Rhythms With the Most Important Day of Your Life?

Perpetual Rhythms :: Ron Finlay, Wedding MC

In our 40+ years of wedding experience, I can tell you we’ve seen it all, and then some. We have the experience to protect you and safeguard your wedding, so it’s a dream come true, not a nightmare on Elm Street.

Do you want that extra reinforcement, a single go to person, with the experience to have likely already “gone to” before you even realized there’s a thing to go to? Sounds like peace of mind to me. You? Great. Let’s do this.

We combined 0ver 4 decades of wedding experience, teaching, managing, directing, creating and delivering, with a get it done attitude because, having seeing the results of hundreds of weddings with or without wedding planners, there are still huge issues and their impact could be catastrophic. So, we added Day Of Coordinator to our list of services so we can help even more couples.

We know that all your vendors want the best results, so we built a process to manage your entire wedding day, or just part of it. If you need us to wake you up, we can, but, really, you got this. But once you’re all ready, HMU done, dressed like never before, do you really want to be on the phone texting all your vendors: “Are you there yet? Is the decor OK? Did the cake arrive in one piece? OMG. Who needs this? “Smile”, says the photographer. Argh. Relax.

Leave all this to us and just enjoy every second of your wedding day, from wake-up to good night, my love.”

Perpetual Rhythms :: Ron Finlay, Wedding MC

What Our Day of Coordinator Services Include

As your day of coordinator, we make the calls, align the vendors, create the timeline, manage ceremony and venue logistics, get the wedding party ready for the processional, work with all your vendors so they can focus on delivering the results you paid for. We also bring a kit of all the “Oh, no! We forgot the …” things. The number of times we’ve had to dig into our bag of tricks to save the day – could fill a book. Yet to us, this is just the accumulation of experience, predictive forward thinking and just plain caring.

We’ve put out fires, rewired sound systems, moved decor, saved cakes from toppling over, turned entire rooms 90 degrees because it’s set up all wrong. Even had to change venues with 3 weeks to go (Oh, that’s a story you want to hear). And the weddings turned out even better than the clients expected !!! So, for peace of mind, experience to know what you may never find out, despite your research, help every step of the way, dos and don’t that could save you thousands of dollars and day of delivery of services, consider all that we offer at Perpetual Rhythms.

If you’ve hired your officiant or DJ already, we’ll gladly work with them. If you haven’t, we can also provide these services and deliver radically better results, so let us create and deliver an even better wedding, with elements the rest simply don’t offer. We can prove this, so you can have what is truly possible.

Do you get the feeling that we really want to help you have a better wedding? We do, so when you say “I do” it’s going to be magical.

No Trauma. No Drama, No Stress. No Mess.
Let Perpetual Rhythms coordinate your perfect wedding day!

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