DJ Lighting

Add some “Oh Wow!” visual punch to your event!

Imagine a darkened room with a Christmas tree covered in decorations and twinkling lights. Beautiful. Right? Now, unplug the tree and it’s … dark. Now imagine your head table, beautiful backdrop and netting. Dim the lights for a romantic dinner and dancing and your head table is… dark! Hmm! Now, imagine your head table back drop, walls and dance floor all lit in vibrant colour! Now, we’re back at Beautiful again! Perfect.

DJ Lighting has now become a major part of event decor. Be sure an allocate some of your decor budget to your DJ lighting to complement fabrics and architecture – the darker it gets, the better it looks!

We offer a wide range of exciting DJ lighting effects to transform your reception space from simple to simply amazing.

Total Lighting Control

Most important, all our lighting is DMX controlled. This means WE have control of the lights, not “set to stand alone mode” like many DJs. We want a great party, too, but even more we want you to have great memories and images, not have them compromised by our special effect lighting during tender moments like the first dance and parent tribute dances, for example. We gladly work with your photographer and videographer so they get those perfect shots. There’s lots of time for the party, but these moments are precious. We create the moments, and they create the memories. Let’s work together.

Room Ambience DJ Lighting, Dream Scapes™ to uplight the head table and architectural features of your room, colour keyed to your wedding theme, elegant and soothing. What a way to set the mood for your reception dinner.

DJ Lighting – Uplighting Room Decor Lighting

DJ Lighting for Your Head Table 2-colour Uplighting

Your Name in Lights: Custom Monogram Gobo DJ Lighting Congratulating you on your Wedding Day!

A wide range of computerized DMX controlled intelligent DJ lighting effects offering the widest variety of patterns and shapes, colours and coverage, employing the newest LED DJ lighting products with zero heat buildup for added reliability. The Operator is also intelligent!

DJ Lighting is Aimed at the Dance Floor, ceiling or back wall, not into your guests’ eyes at the dinner tables.

We also synchronized the lights to the music during the dance for even more fun and excitement. It matters.

Totally integrated, reliable and offering the fastest setup and teardown of any lighting system of this size.

The 2 Videos below showcase some of our DJ Lighting “Electric Decor Dream Scapes™ ” Up Lighting and Dance Floor Lighting.

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