Spotlight your Wedding Cake

Imagine your wedding cake turning slowly, lit by pinspot lights to highlight all the delicate details that bring it to life in 3D for you and all your guests to admire!

We realize how much you can spend on your beautiful wedding cake. Too often, it’s set off to the side and while most guests may stroll by, how many actually admire all the details? Our wedding cake turntable brings it to life, grabbing guests’ attention as it slowly turns. Now that’s a highlight!

The more detail and sparkle there is, the more we can showcase it with our pinspot lighting. Now it can shine all night for greater impact and value, great photos and memorable video to enjoy over and over.

We work with your cake designer, to ensure the design affords the maximum effect. When they know what we’re going to do for you, they can ensure your cake is designed to look wonderful from every angle, so as it turns, there’s a perfect photo every time.

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