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Fashion Show or Car Show: Let’s Go!

Planning a Fashion Show or a Car Show? We’re all revved up and eager to help.

Fashion Show

DJ/MC for Your Fashion Show or a Car Show

Whether You’re Planning a Fashion Show, Car Show or any other kind, You Can Count on Our 40 Years of DJ Experience, Music, Sound and Lighting to Help You Create an even better Show!

Fashion Show
Fashion Show

Make Your Next Fashion Show or Car Show the talk of the town with Professional DJ Services from Perpetual Rhythms!

Planning a Fashion Show or Car Show? We know they will be all the rage again, as we’re finally getting opened up and spring is in the air. Designers with two years of great ideas ready to hit the runway would love to show you what they’ve been up to and we’ve got the sound, music and lighting to showcase the latest styles.

Taking it “from the rack” to “in the black” is an great business event for stores impacted by the last couple years. Let’s create an event opportunity, a fashion show, from sexiest lingerie to the hottest club stopping outfits, and everything in between. We can create the atmosphere and vibe and make you the star.

We’ve done wedding, casual and cruise wear fashion shows, fundraising shows for a Cancer patient’s mom, fashion design student fashion show cases and more, so we can sure help with your project.

Music sets the vibe, lighting highlights the runway and clothes just… sell themselves when the audience is having a great time taking it all in. Let’s help you, your store or your franchise get back on track, in the black and take off on our runway !!! Things are going to happen. Are you with us?

Call us today and let’s strut our stuff! 647 528 3548

Ah, Sunshine, open space and the roar of hotrods and muscle cars, gleaming chrome and hot colours. An outdoor Car Show is a great trip down memory lane and we can fill ‘er up in large outdoor spaces with the rockin’-est tunes to keep people gawking and bopping to the beat. Whether it’s in a park, parking lot or lining the street, we can provide great sound, make announcements and enhance your event so it’s the best one yet. Whether it’s car sales, parts sales, swap meets or just a great old get together among car enthusiasts and budding mechanics, leads drop the pedal to metal and get revv’ed up because it’s car show time again, at last.

Drop it in gear and call us today. 647 528 3548

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Helping You Create a Complete Fashion Show or Car Show Entertainment Experience

Fashion Show

While vitally important to any party or celebration, the music the DJ plays is just one part of the experience your guests leave with.

Venue lighting is also important in creating the right atmosphere, and another service you can count from the professional entertainments experts at Perpetual Rhythms.

We have professional-grade lighting equipment to properly light up any venue size, from small and intimate to large and expansive. We can provide venue lighting to set the right mood, dance floor lighting to bring electric energy and beautifully light up the dance floor, and mongrammed lighting to add a personalized touch to any party.

We can also help you save thousands of dollars on planning your event. Check out our event planning consult: in just two-hours you can learn about six costly mistakes that people make in planning events, how you can avoid them, and how you can save a lot of money along the way!

Let us bring our experience so you and your guests can take one home!

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