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If you are hosting any kind of special event, our Event Planning Services can help to save you time, hassle, money and most of all, risk.

Our Event Planning services can help you if you’re planning any kind of event. If you’re planning a wedding, we have a totally separate web page dedicated to help, so click here for help Planning a Wedding.

To help you best, please tell us what kind of event you are planning, so we can provide the right information to help you the most. Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday, anniversary, religious event, sports, social or charity? They all have specific elements that we know can directly affect the success of the event. You want that, right? We do, too!!!

Before you do more event planning, STOP. Let us help you today.

Before you do more event planning, STOP. Let us help you today with out Event Planning Services!

Most events suffer from 6 big mistakes. The biggest three are made by nearly 100% of people planning events, especially weddings, even many event planners!!! Imagine that. It’s sad, but true. Not to blame anyone, rather, we’d simply like to our decades of experience to help you avoid all that, and save a lot of money: thousands of dollars.

Our event planning services consist of a simple 2-3 hour high level strategy session, based on specific data that we discuss in person with you. We create a master plan, with an experience-based budget, so you can go and finalize all the details knowing that:

  1. You can afford the event, and
  2. It’s going to be a huge success.

Sound good? Call me at 647-528-3548 (DJ4U) to schedule your personalized strategy planning appointment and let’s save you time, money, hassle and most of all, risk. Why go it alone? We are here to help you avoid all the problems that so many others seem to make, over and over. Let us help you.

We can also provide wedding officiants, DJ/MC services to execute the plan with the best music, sound, lighting, award winning DJ/MC personalities and dance instruction for a first dance you’ll never for get, corporate ice-breaker or just for the fun of it, part of our total entertainment solution.

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