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Wedding First Dance Lessons

Move with majestic elegance and grace as your family and friends watch in amazement during your first dance. It will be our little secret! First dance lessons from Perpetual Rhythms!

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding First Dance Lessons

Wedding First Dance Lessons

Visit Our Private Dance Studio for Wedding First Dance Lessons to Delight Your Family and Friends. And Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Our Little Secret!

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding First Dance Lessons

Wedding First Dance Lessons for Those Who Think They Don’t Know How to Dance!

Imagine the scene: your wedding MC introduces you and your new spouse to a rousing ovation from your guests. The applause settles and the room becomes so quiet you could hear a pin drop. You embrace each other gently, yet confidently. You gaze into each other’s eyes. A slight smirk steals across your lips because you know you’re ready to deliver a first dance performance that will take their breath away. The DJ starts the music and you begin floating effortlessly around the dance floor, in perfect timing with your first dance song and perfect harmony with each other!

Your first dance will live on eternally in your wedding photos, videos and in the hearts and memories of your guests. Make it memorable with wedding first dance lessons from our professional dance instructors.


You don’t need to have the moves of Michael Jackson to rock your first dance.

Even with some basic instruction, those who feel they completely lack any sort of dance coordination can improve considerably, turning such an important part of their wedding from something they’re dreading to something they can’t wait to get to.

Already have the basics down pat? We’ll take you to the next level. Let us help you take your first dance from a heartfelt wedding tradition to a dazzling performance that will build the energy in the room and set the tone for a great night of dancing ahead!

We’d even suggest this a great way to surely steal the show, but it’s already your show to begin with …

Dazzle, delight and astound. Give the a first dance they’ll remember forever!

Wedding First Dance Lessons from Professional Instructors

Visit Our Dance Studio

We offer a completely private dance studio where you can learn at your own pace without feeling self-conscious about what onlookers might be thinking because there are none. It’s a private space with only one couple and the instructor.

Beyond COVID, we are following all recommended protocols to keep our instructors, staff and guests completely safe!

Dance Lessons for Every Song & Style

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Tell us what your first and last wedding songs will be and we’ll tell you what style of dance they are.

Some of the most popular types of dance we help our brides and grooms learn are:

  • Ballroom Dances: Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz
  • Latin Dances: Rhumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Mambo, Merengue, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Disco Hustle

If you want to keep your guests on their toes, let us help you develop a routine featuring more than one dance style. We’ve watched our brides and grooms deliver some amazing routines we’ve helped them learn, to the cheers and hollers of excitement from their guests!

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Individual Lessons or Complete Dance Programs

If you’re just looking for a lesson or two to cover some basics or want to dance with confidence, we can help!


We offer individual dance lessons for brides and grooms ready to learn how to dance. We offer flexible hours seven days a week to accommodate your busy schedule. Get in touch and let’s get some lessons scheduled!


If you’re looking to cover more than the basics, we offer a 10-week program entailing 15 hours of private dance instruction. This program helps build a solid foundation of dance steps and an opportunity to create and perfect a first dance routine that’ll blow your guests away!

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Dance with confidence and grace with your new spouse to the delight of your family, friends and other guests.

Let us bring our experience so your guests can take one home … fill in the form and let’s get started!