DJ Entertainment and MC Services

Banquet Hall and Hotel Managers have told us that your DJ Entertainment can Make It or Break It!

In 2017, 85% of couples responded in a national wedding survey that they under-invested in their DJ Entertainment.

In 2019, it was nearly 100%. It’s not push play. Todays’s couples expect more from their DJ/MC and there is so much more required to run your wedding day for you. We’d love you to relax and enjoy the results of your planning and everything you’ve done to create your perfect wedding. We take this as a serious responsibility and frankly, it’s an honour.

With COVID, it’s now even more important, as weddings are smaller. We see this as a great opportunity. Our E7 Wedding package has nothing to do with the dancing part. Other DJs rely on dancing to fill the night. We rely on emotional engagement and your guests to fill your night with tears of joy, side splitting laughter, and more fun so you get the best return on your entire wedding investment.

End result: A great wedding!

What you want is a great wedding, not a great DJ! Imagine that. However, it takes a truly great DJ who’s also a great MC to make your wedding truly great. Food, the dress, the flowers – these alone cannot make your wedding great. Weddings end early because even great food at 6:00 can’t fix a bad DJ at 9:00; A great DJ/MC can fix… just about anything at your wedding and create the end to end wedding experience you actually wanted. Tall order right? We do that. And we can do it for you.

The sole purpose of our brand of DJ Entertainment is to help you celebrate life’s moments, be it your wedding, family event or corporate function. We have always been the small wedding experts – personalized, customized, skillfully delivered to entertain and engage even the smallest guest list, and keep the fun going long after push-play DJs have nothing to offer. A cheap DJ is very expensive.

We have the tools to cover all the bases

Since 1981, it’s been our sole vision – to create the most emotionally engaging event experience and our “E7” Wedding Package goes beyond any DJ offering, and we can prove it. You deserve this, especially now.

Please contact us and we’ll send you our FAB Top 40 Hit List – not music, rather, a list of 40 Features, Advantages and Benefits that separate us from the rest. We can show you how your event can be more amazing than you ever thought possible.

Check out this short video about our DJ/MC Services and 5-Star Client Testimonial. Then contact us today so we can help you!

Our DJ/MC services is just the first step on our journey to help you more than any other vendor, with our vast real world experience and advice, fun ideas that not only create a better event, but can save you thousands of dollars, and much more.

Contact us before you do anything else, so we can help with your entire event, then DJ and MC it to bring your dream to life. Speaking of that, do this: Dream Big. Then Dream Bigger. We’ll Bring That!

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