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Most people only plan a few events in their lifetime. I do that many in a week. So, I would love to help you, with all my experience, to create an even better event, and save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid making to Top 10 critical mistakes we see every day ! My Personalized Wedding and Event Planning Strategy Session is EXACTLY What You Need! Let’s chat! 647 528 3548.

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    Perpetual Rhythms :: Two-Hour Wedding Planning Consulation

    Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. You’ll finally be ceremonially and legally united with the person of your dreams in front of family, friends, loved ones and others.

    As such, you want it to be absolutely perfect. Most people start planning many months or even years in advance. The emotions you’ll experience will range from holding back the tears as you finally find that perfect wedding dress to heartbreak as someone you cherish won’t be able to make it to your special day.

    We know budget is a big deal. So, if saving money is so important, you really need our help. We can save you thousands of dollars. Most people say “no way.” Well, we can and we do.

    Let us help you, guide you, be the voice of reason, the calming smile, the helping hand.

    Wedding vendors will bombard you with offers of all different shapes and sizes, each insisting what they sell is essential to your wedding’s success, and you should book them… today! Not true. Not even close.

    While a traditional wedding planner can help take care of much of the nitty gritty, they can also charge thousands for their services. We offer a totally unique way to get valuable insights, so you can plan you whole wedding yourself. After all, you have to make the final decisions anyway, so why not learn how from our decades of experience? Check these statistics:

    Nearly 100% of couples make 3 critical mistakes before they hire the first vendor. We can prove this with 3 questions.

    85% of couples make 3 more big mistakes as they hire the many vendors they need. We can prove this with 3 questions.

    How do you think their weddings will turn out?

    Nearly 100% of couples go 30-40% over budget!

    85% of couples under invest in the most impactful service of all – their DJ. This can ruin everything.

    Let us help you avoid these and the rest of the Top 10 critical mistakes couples make, over and over ! and save you thousands of dollars. We are so sure you’ll get huge benefit that we can save you many times more than we charge, so our entire DJ service could be FREE !!!, making us the best value in the entire wedding planning process.

    Also, check out our referral rewards tab, so you can actually get paid to help us help others. Win. Win. Win.

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    We offer two Two-Hour Wedding Planning Strategy Sessions to Save You Thousands of Dollars.

    Perpetual Rhythms :: Two-Hour Wedding Planning Consultation

    Someone you know was kind enough to refer us to you. We are excited to help you with your event and share our vast experience and knowledge to create a better event, for thousands of dollars less. We’ll help you avoid the Top 10 mistakes we see over and over, so hop on a call and let’s chat. 647 528 3548.

    Perpetual Rhythms :: Two-Hour Wedding Planning Consultation

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    Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding & Corporate Event DJCan We Help You Save Thousands of Dollars?

    Let us help you reduce stress, save money, and create the perfect plan for an unforgettable day!

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