Enjoy Dinner on me – with a Keg Steakhouse Gift Card valued at up to $100.

We appreciate referrals. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. You know people we’d never meet, so we want to show our appreciation for those thoughtful introductions. We’ll send you a Keg Steakhouse Gift Card valued at up to $100 for each referral you send us who books our services. The more you send, the more often you dine in style at the Keg, on me !!!

The person you refer us to will save up to $300 or more on their event services. And, if they know other people planning weddings, parties and so on, we’ll offer them the same Keg Steakhouse Gift Card for their kindness, too.

It’s win-win-win. You win, because you’re dining at the Keg ; your referral wins twice because they have a better event and save money and we win because we get to do what we do best – create amazing events filled with emotional engagement and memory making moments for everyone.

Contact us today to register for your Keg Steakhouse Gift Card and pass the word around. Cheers.