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My name is Ron Finlay and I’m a Wedding Officiant. So is my wife, Shirlee. As a result, we can save you time searching all over for yet another vendor and timeline to coordinate. You deserve the best wedding ceremony and your officiant is so important, we just have to help you.

Your Ceremony is the foundation on which the rest of your wedding day is built. It affects s more than most couples realize.

A great ceremony is the start of a great wedding and a great marriage.

We can marry all types of couples, including LGBTQ, for an all inclusive ceremony. We also do vow renewals, from serious to seriously fun. We put the Love in I Love You.

Ceremony at the Lake

We can also provide the customized music for each aspect of your ceremony, wireless microphones, so “you can whisper to the back row” and pre ceremony meetings so you’re comfortable and prepared for a stress free and personalized wedding ceremony experience.

Indoors or outside, no matter the size, season or gender preference, we support your love and desire to marry with decades of experience and advice.

With COVID, many events are being held at private residences which brings noise bylaws,  meaning that music stops at 11:00 pm. Rather than have your wedding celebration shortened, you could simply start 2 hours sooner and with us, you have the flexibility to simple start your ceremony sooner and get the full experience for your entire wedding day investment. Officiants who take on multiple weddings may not be able to back up your wedding, but Perpetual Rhythms officiants are able to accommodate this for maximum value of your entire wedding experience.

I’m very excited to provide this very specialized wedding service and invite you to contact me for more details at 647-528-3548 (DJ4U).

COVID Wedding Officiant Services

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