Small Wedding DJ Packages

COVID Wedding: The New Normal!

If you’re eager to get married, we have created the perfect COVID compliant packages – Mini-Mony – Ceremony only and Micro Wedding – add a couple hours of cocktail music for social distanced gatherings while you have photos taken, so guests get more value from their travel and effort to attend your special day.

We offer wedding officiants, custom wedding ceremony music, microphones for an intimate wedding ceremony option. If you don’t want to or can’t wait until 2021, we would love to help you NOW.

We all know how many couples are disappointed with not having their original dream wedding, but, we can still help you have something amazing, despite no dancing. In fact, we can still offer our amazing E7 Wedding Package, without 5 hours of dancing time, and that’s were the moments and memories are made.

A recent survey showed that couples are even liking the idea of a smaller wedding, with only closest of family and best friends, not the obligatory list of people you don’t know very well !!! – And it costs thousands of dollars less.

Most interesting, in our own wedding experience, with so many smaller pre-COVID weddings were the best weddings. The huge weddings suffered from so many guests to visit going from table to table that the night is over before they even hit the dance floor. Smaller may be the new discovery !!!

Another survey reported that 85% of couples realized at their wedding that they underinvested in their DJ. The DJ is THE make it or break it vendor, and now with COVID, all you really need is the officiant, the DJ, photography, videography, dress, flowers… and maybe a few more vendor services.

Choosing other than a Saturday can also help when it comes to finding a venue, as many have or will close down due to COVID.

Smaller weddings can be easier to organize, and that means less stress for you !!!

Before the 2nd wave puts the 50 and 100 person numbers at risk, it may be time to pull the trigger and get married sooner than later. We can help as we are wedding planners and have all the contacts to help you plan your wedding in one day. We can also save you thousands of dollars, create the most amazing wedding and let you cherish the day, as you sooooo deserve !

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