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Ordained Minister & Wedding Officiant

We are wedding officiants, too. Ron Finlay is a licensed officiant and his wife Shirlee Rankin is an ordained minister, and they often work together and share your joy.

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Ordained Minister & Wedding Officiant – “We Do” so You can Say “I Do!”

Ron Finlay & Shirlee Rankin Are Both Licenced Wedding Officiants Providing Personalized, Inclusive & Unforgettable Ceremonies

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister Shirlee Rankin

Meet Shirlee Rankin, Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister Shirlee Rankin

I have spent my entire adult life teaching adults and speaking in front of people, leading me to become an ordained metaphysical minister.

I’ve been closely connected to the wedding industry for over 20 years, so I know what you’re going through and I’d love to help you have a wonderful experience.

What It All Means to You …

As an ordained metaphysical minister, I can officiate weddings of any gender combination, facilitate celebrations of life for people and pets.

I hope to be of service to you and enhance your life in some profound way. Dream Big. I do.

“Heartfelt Emotional Wedding Ceremonies for Couples In Love.”

Meet Ron Finlay, Wedding Officiant & Award-Winning DJ

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant Ron Finlay

My life’s work has been an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, leveraging one skill set onto another and combining a variety of disciplines into what has lead me to today.

Who Am I?

I offer my background in the About/Meet Ron Finlay Page, so you know who I am so you can be confident hiring me to help with your wedding. For this page, think of me as your wedding officiant – I’d love to marry you, well, you marry each other! I make that happen.

What All That Means For You:

I love weddings and as your officiant, I bring all my years of total wedding experience to create with you, and deliver for you, the most emotionally engaging, sensitive ceremony, a one of a kind experience that you will cherish and your guests will love. How would that make you feel?

Imagine creating a family heirloom, a wedding keepsake, to show off in your home, a daily reminder of your beautiful wedding day. Imagine years and decades into the future how this story is told over and over, as this conversation starter adorns your home. No other officiants do what I do, so get ready for a ceremony beyond. You’ll love it. I’d love to do it for you both.

Dream Big. I do.

“We Bring Experience, So You Can Take One Home.”

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant Ron Finlay

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Trust the elegant, confident and professional style of licensed wedding officiants Shirlee & Ron!

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