Here Are Some of Hundreds of Testimonials From Our Clients

Their last names have been removed to respect their privacy. References are available upon request.

“A big concern for me was a DJ who would function on their own based on experience and common sense. I decided to call Ron because he has a Ballroom Dance background and doesn’t pad his services with expensive promotional materials full of lights, chemical fog and other things that speak not at all to the quality of the actual music.

Then when we found out that Ron was also an engineer, this reassured me further that the music services weren’t something we’d have to worry about. The request driven element was a “plus” in ways I couldn’t have predicted and definitely took the guesswork out of the equation.

If you’re reading this, you’re considering Ron Finlay and Perpetual Rhythms for your event. My suggestion to you is: Just Book Him!”

Liana K. (Toronto, Ontario)

“Thank you very much for everything!

We have been getting rave reviews from our guests and Derick and I both appreciated your attentiveness to both our wishes and needs for the evening. Having you there made it so much easier, especially with your expertise.

I especially love how you were able to accommodate my new mother and keep her on the dance floor. If she was up dancing, so was everyone else. You definitely had a good read on the crowd.

You kept the volume at a PERFECT level all night long – I find all too often when at other functions the music is much too loud, making a meaningful conversation close to impossible.

We would highly recommend your entertainment services to anyone hosting a special event – you made it easy, stress-less and more importantly, memorable! Big Smiles!

Thank you Ron for everything!”

Misty-Lee and Derick (North Bay)

“We couldn’t have been in better hands.Your professionalism and knowledge were self evident when the day came.

Your idea of incorporating the “Phantom of the Opera” into our wedding and choreographing our first dance was phenomenal.

We felt that our wedding was as important to you as it was to us. Thank you for helping us achieve our dream … thanks for caring.”

Shelly and Ian (Royal Ashburn Golf Club, Ashburn, Ontario)

“Our wedding was an international wedding and Ron was able to quickly learn about both of our cultures and ethnic music of both sides. He perfectly blended them with the popular Canadian music.

He encouraged all of the guests in a way that they followed our planned events while having lots of fun. It’s important that people don’t divide to small groups isolating from others, which has happened at some weddings.

We have met many of the people who attended our wedding weeks or months later, and they all told us that they truly had a fantastic time and enjoyed themselves.

Our wedding was a total success and everybody enjoyed it, including the bride and groom.”

Tess & Arash (Mississauga, Ontario)

“You helped turn our wedding day into a dream come true. Thanks to your services, our day was perfect.

The music was great and it was nice to use a DJ who focused on playing the music we wanted, not what he wanted. The video also captured our first dance, which was so special after the many nights of practice that went into it.

At first we were reluctant to take dancing lessons, but thanks to you we were able to go out and enjoy the dance and the applause of our guests.

You were a professional at all times and a great joy to work with.”

Kelly and Mark (Estates at Sunnybrook, Toronto, Ontario)

“We would like to Thank You for your outstanding contribution to our wedding.

Your combined efforts with the music and dance instruction made mere dreams of our special day become reality.

It is a tribute to your work and your preoccupation with detail that our guests are still giving us rave reviews.”

Drs. Nancy and Paul (Fantasy Farms Banquet Halls, Toronto, Ontario)

“They say every cloud has a silver lining, and you were the silver lining to our cloud.

Having our DJ “bail out” on us just two months before the wedding was a horrendous experience. Your professionalism showed through in every aspect and you helped calm some very ruffled feathers.

As if that was not enough, to have the same thing happen again with the video, and this time with less than a month to go, was a disaster of “Titanic” proportions.

One more time, you “pulled a rabbit out of your very talented hat.” All of this proved one thing – “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!”

Debbie and Bernie (Blackstock, Ontario)

“We could never thank you enough for the great job you did of MC, DJ, and dance instructor.  It truly made our wedding a night to remember.

We never would have had as much fun without your help and guidance. When we first came to see you, we were so lost, but your coaching got us through it and your recommendations of vendors really brought everything together.

The introduction you prepared for the reception was, AWSOME!!!!!  When you mixed our short recordings into the first dance song, we were touched beyond words.

Robert K. and Robert S. (Hilton Garden Inn, Mississauga, Ontario)

“Great to hear from you. Thanks so much for your kind words. It was a real pleasure meeting and working with you at the Paradise Banquet Hall.

You were certainly professional in your work and I’m sure the Bride and Groom were pleased at the end of the evening.

Apart from the music, they should have been pleased with the number of times you ran from one place to another to take care of any need that arose. I haven’t seen anyone move like you in all the weddings I have performed. I just went through your website and, since you are involved with dance, I now know how you were able to keep up the pace.

Your website is really impressive. You have covered everything in detail and you should be proud to direct couples to it. I was certainly impressed.

I will certainly keep your card on file and pass on your contact information as often as possible. We’re in the same line of work so anything we can do to help each other will be helpful. As you mentioned, there is a lot of competition out there so every little bit helps.

I certainly do hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. It was a real pleasure. Thanks again for your kind words.

Best wishes,”

Jim Murphy, Marriage Officer, Newmarket, Ontario

Corporate Client Testimonials

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our annual dinner dance.

I would not hesitate to recommend your D.J. Services for future events.”

Marshall, Macklan, Monaghan Limited (Donalda Golf Club, Toronto, Ontario)

“Please be assured that once again Perpetual Rhythms greatly contributed to the success of our Christmas function.”

Masland Industries (Roehampton Hotel, Toronto, Ontario)

“Thank you again for the great entertainment you provided for us during our annual Christmas Party.

We all enjoyed dancing to our heart’s content; the selection was, as always, excellent.”

Amplis Photo (Prince Hotel, Ramada Inn, Toronto, Ontario) (We did their party 10 times and the owner’s daughter’s wedding, too)

“Our Christmas Party was a huge success thanks to the Number “1″ job performed by Perpetual Rhythms.

Never before, at one of our parties, have I seen so many people up dancing for the entire evening.”

Riser Canada (Riviera Banquet Hall, Vaughan, Ontario)

“Many thanks for the marvellous music you provided for our Christmas party at the Donalda Club.

Although the staff at Vanbots always has a good time when we get together, the “right” music certainly makes the extra difference between a good party and a great party!

Thanks again Ron, and as soon as we have a date and location for next year’s party, I will be in touch to book your services.”

Vanbots Construction Corporation (Donalda Golf Club, Toronto, Ontario)

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