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Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister

As a licenced wedding officiant and an experienced wedding DJ, Ron Finlay can truly take care of your wedding from end to end, for a stress-free wedding! Ron’s wife Shirlee Rankin is also an ordained minister, and they often work together and share your joy.

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding DJ, MC, Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister All in One Place!

Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister

Ron Finlay & Shirlee Rankin Are Both Licensed Officiants Providing Personalized, Inclusive & Unforgettable Ceremonies

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister Shirlee Rankin

Meet Shirlee Rankin, Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister Shirlee Rankin

I have spent my entire adult life teaching adults and speaking in front of people and am an ordained metaphysical minister.

I’ve been closely connected to the wedding industry for over 20 years, so I know what you’re going through and I’d love to help you have a wonderful experience.

What It All Means to You …

As an ordained metaphysical minister, I can officiate weddings of any gender combination, facilitate celebrations of life for people and pets.

I hope to be of service to you and enhance your life in some profound way. Dream Big. I do.

“We Bring Experience, So You Can Take One Home.”

Meet Ron Finlay, Wedding Officiant & Award-Winning DJ

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant Ron Finlay

My life’s work has been an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, leveraging one skill set onto another and combining a variety of disciplines into what has lead me to today.

I am an electrical and acoustics engineer (since 1980), professor of engineering since 2003, a Ballroom and Latin Dance teacher (since 1976) and a professional DJ/MC (since 1981). I am a two-time National President’s Award winning Disc Jockey/Entertainer having been presented with the first ever such award and am also the first and only DJ in Canada to have been awarded twice and a 5-Star Award Winning MC, Certified Wedding Planner and Wedding Officiant. I love weddings. Can you tell?

What It All Means to You …

I combine all of these skills, and “bring it all” to every event I am hired for. It’s my secret sauce and you’ll never know which attribute saves the day, so allow me the honour of helping you have an epic event experience.

Speaking of experience, most weddings DJs settle with the basic 8 highlights. Mine, or… yours, can have over 38 highlights. Imagine, all these custom elements, perfected, polished, individually written pieces skillfully presented to engage and capture the hearts and minds of you and your audience and take everyone on a fun, emotional ride through the lives and union of the bride and groom, from tears of joy to  lots of side splitting laughter, all aimed at creating an emotional experience like no other wedding, ever.

When I tell potential clients this, they say “wow.” So, I call them WOW weddings.

We offer music and officiating ceremony music services, full cocktail, dinner and all request dance DJ/MC services, our unique all-request dance music program, a marquee of Perpetual Rhythms since Day One and a full complement of wall/ceiling, head table and dance floor lighting, in your theme colours for a vibrant event experience.

As a wedding planner, I can save you thousands of dollars, the top 6 mistakes and create a better wedding – in just 2 hours.

As a Ballroom and Latin Dance Teacher, I can tell you that learning to dance was the best thing I ever learned to do. It led me to me meeting my wife Shirlee, and together we own a dance studio and teach brides and grooms for their first dance, and the public in either group or private class settings.

I hope to be of service to you and enhance your life in some profound way. Dream Big. We do.

“We Bring Experience, So You Can Take One Home.”

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Officiant Ron Finlay

What Our Satisfied Clients Say …

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Trust the elegant, confident and professional style of licensed wedding officiants Shirlee & Ron!

Contact us now and let’s get started. We only do one epic wedding on any given day – make it yours!