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Referral Partners

We can save you time, hassle, money and risk finding the best vendors for your special event. The internet can be overwhelming, with thousands of…. everything.

We used our experience, to find and vet the best of the best, in many vendor categories. We offer this list to you, at no cost and with no commission from the vendors. We just want to help.

Just contact us and we’ll reply with great advice and help.

Referral Reward$

Nope, not a typo. We meant $. We spend a lot on marketing, but I’d rather reward you, with up to $100 for a referral.

By encouraging your friend or associate to contact us and book our services, you will be helping them have a fabulous event and helping yourself to up to $100 cash when the referred person books their event with Perpetual Rhythms Entertainment Services.

We always ask how people heard about us, so make sure to tell your friends to include your name when they contact us.

You may have one of our blue post cards. It’s a win-win-win that you can use over and over! So keep the bottom part of your referral post card. Need more? I’ll mail you a few immediately.

Help us help others, and help yourself. Thanks.

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