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Meet Ron Finlay

I have been blessed with the opportunity and drive to develop many skills and talents. If you want an Award-winning DJ, 5-star rated MC, over 40 years of experience, the perfect music mix for your upcoming wedding, corporate event, or party, then I’m you’re guy! If you want an even better wedding or event, then I’m really your guy!

Perpetual Rhythms :: Ron Finlay - Award-Winning DJ, 5-Star Rated MC, Over 40 Years Experience

Meet Ron Finlay

As a Lifelong Student of Music and Entertainment, I Bring a Proven Approach to Helping You and Your Guests Enjoy an Unforgettable Wedding or Event and Save Thousands of dollars in the process!

Ron Finlay: Award-Winning DJ, 5-Star Rated MC, Over 40 Years Experience

Let’s get one thing done first. I’m older, not old. Older. That’s how I amassed over 40 years of experience. My music is updated daily and I play all request dance parties, so the music that I play is exactly, and as up to date as, the guests and you want. There, that’s done. Now, who am I, anyway? More important, how does that help you?

Most people start their tour of our website here! I’m so glad, because when you hire any company, you still get a person. So why not get the know the real person who truly wants to help you? It’s not about the business. It’s about my passion for creating and delivering the best event experience for you., so have a read and then, let’s chat. I’d love that. It’s personal, not an online cookie cutter portal. Call me. Thanks.

Bottom Line: I care a lot about every client who’s wedding or event I’m privileged to be a part of, in any of my capacities as DJ, MC, Officiant, Wedding Planner, Day Of Coordinator or Dance Teacher and I’ve done it all, for decades, because it brings me great joy to see the results on the faces of my clients and their guests: having fun with the moments I create and the memories they create that last a lifetime. (I have provided all of these services for clients who’s weddings were beyond beyond.) It matters to me personally how it all turns out. Proof: Our Client Video Testimonials.

For the full story, please keep reading.

To get a sense of the real impact of I would love to bring to your event, please call me. 647 528 3548 (DJ4U).

What follows is wedding centric, but applies to every type of event I do, regardless of size, type, culture, season or reason. Every event matters, a lot. To you. To me. Let’s Do This.

What It All Means to You …

I combine all of my technical, performance and life skills, and “bring-it-all attitude” to every event for which I am hired. It’s my secret sauce and you’ll never know which attribute saves the day, so why risk it? Allow me the honour of helping you have an epic event experience.

For weddings, it’s called E7 – The End to End, Emotionally Engaging Epic Event Experience, aka… Your Wedding. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, and no one does what I do. It’s as unique as you are. You deserve it. I’d love you to have it.

What Do You Get?

Unlike most wedding DJs who settle for the basic 8 highlights, your wedding could have as many as 38 highlights. Imagine, all these custom elements, perfected, polished, individually created pieces skillfully presented and woven into a smoothly running wedding reception for non stop engagement that captures the hearts and minds of you and your guests, taking everyone on a fun, emotional trip down memory lane, past, present and future. I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s done so smoothly, your guests will respond with spellbound emotionally awestruck silence, sincere “Ah…s and Oh…s” and thunderous applause without being asked to. We call it spontaneous human reaction. It’s amazing and you’ll be at the centre of it all. Perfect. I work with your photographer and videographer to ensure that you get even better images. I create these moments, and they create the memories. Teamwork makes the Dream Work and that creates the magic.

I celebrate the lives and your union in marriage, from tears of joy to lots of side splitting laughter, all aimed at creating an emotional experience like no other wedding, ever. Yours.

When I tell couples this, they say “wow.” So, I call it a WOW wedding.

I offer music services for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and your all-request dance party, a marquee of Perpetual Rhythms since Day One.

My lighting options range from elaborate head table backdrop lighting, room ambient wall wash uplighting and exciting dance floor lighting, all computer controlled and time sync’d to the music. This creates the background for every photo, so it matters.

As a wedding planner, I can save you thousands of dollars, avoid the top 10 mistakes and create an even better wedding – in just 4 hours. Our Wedding Planning Strategy Session is the best and next thing you should do, so you can plan, afford and have your most perfect wedding. No Drama, No Trauma, No Stress, No Mess. Imagine that! It’s the third drop down on the wedding services page.

You ready for this one?: As a Ballroom and Latin Dance Teacher, I can tell you that learning to dance was the best thing I ever learned to do. It led me to me meeting my wife Shirlee, and together we own a dance studio and teach brides and grooms for their first dance, and the public in either group or private class settings.

I look forward to being of great service to you and enhance your life in some profound way. Dream Bigger. I do every day.

“We Bring Experience, So You Can Take One Home.”

So, Who Is Ron Finlay, Anyway?

Ron Finlay, The Person

Born and raised in Toronto, I am fortunate to have had a great childhood, safe and secure, a great education and opportunities to develop many talents. I love my wife, Shirlee and I love weddings, too!

As a life long learner and I enjoy helping other people get the most from of my expertise and experience. I want the people who’s life paths cross mine to dream bigger than they thought was possible, then I’ll do whatever I can to help them live their dreams. I’ve done this hundreds of times.

Ron Finlay, The Engineer

I just might be the only DJ who is a Professional Engineer with a degree in electrical and acoustics engineering. I hold two US patents for product design. Focused and Detail Oriented are just two of the cornerstones I deployed to create Perpetual Rhythms’ Success.

Ron Finlay, Award-Winning DJ & Five-Star Rated MC

I am an award-winning DJ with more than 40 years experience in DJing weddings, corporate events and other types of celebrations and parties, each with their own tab on our website under other events. Leveraging my technical background, I have co-authored 15 books in the DJ and event industry space, and regularly contribute to bridal magazines and entertainment industry publications. My expertise is what you get.

You need a DJ. You need an MC. You don’t need two people. I do both having been awarded the “Five Star Excellence” as a professional MC. With an easy flow on the mic and gentle sense of humour, I help make you and your guests feel at ease and provide the perfect level of entertaining commentary to create the flow that is essential to every successful event.

A dramatic and exciting complement to the music is my wall/ceiling, head table and dance floor lighting options. Available in your theme colours for a vibrant event experience and to enhance all your reception photos. The darker it gets, the better it looks.

Ron Finlay, The Wedding Planner

I spent the first couple decades DJing weddings and events, as the DJ. Then wondered, why does everybody start with “How much do you charge?” Clearly, budget is a big deal. So, I started looking at the whole wedding industry, applied some engineering smarts and discovered… how to plan an even better event, and save thousands of dollars. It started with savings of $5 000, then $10,000 and now, even more. Some say, “my whole budget is only $xxxx.” “Yeah, but wait ’till you see what it ends up costing you !!!” Yikes. I help clients way before Yikes. Check the video testimonials and prepare to be as amazed as they were. It’s called The Wedding Planning Strategy Session, and it’s like nothing else out there. I can prove it, too. I will tell you the Top 10 mistakes I see every week and help you create an even better wedding for thousands less – in just 4 hours. I help. You Save. Any questions?

No Drama, No Trauma, No Stress, No Mess. Imagine that!

Ron Finlay, The Officiant

Having worked with many officiants over the years, there came a point when it was time to take the DJ, MC and microphone skills, event conduction experience, event coordinating and make it official, or officiant !!! As a licensed officiant, I offer the perfect solution for an end to end smoothly running entire wedding day to make your wedding a beautiful seamless experience for you and your guests.

Ron Finlay, The Dance Instructor

With a deep passion for music and entertainment, my wife, Shirlee and I met ballroom dancing and have long since operated a dance studio to help people to learn how to dance and build their confidence and self-esteem. We offer first dance lessons for couples who want to wow their guests, and also private and small group dance lessons just for fun. I can honestly say “It’s the best thing I ever learned to do. Changed my life. It’s how I met Shirlee.” It just doesn’t get better than that.

Perpetual Rhythms :: Ron Finlay - Award-Winning DJ, Five-Star Rated MC, Wedding Officiant

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