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What’s the biggest challenge you face planning your wedding? Budget, Finding Vendors? Stress? We can help.

Perpetual Rhythms :: Wedding Planning Consultation

Wedding Planning Strategy Session Testimonial – Real Results

You Could Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Whole Wedding & Avoid Making The Top 10 Mistakes We See Every Week. Our Personalized Wedding Planning Strategy Session is EXACTLY What You Need! Contact Us Soonest, to Save The Most.

So, You’re Planning Your Wedding! Yeah!

We get calls every day, respond to emails, texts and the most common things we hear are: We’re on a tight budget ; we’re lost ; we’re overwhelmed. Sound familiar? What’s your challenge? We’d love to know and use our experience to remove that roadblock. Hop on our Happy Wedding Wagon and let’s take ‘er for a spin.

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. You’ll finally be ceremonially and legally united with the person of your dreams in front of family, friends, loved ones and others.

You want it to be absolutely perfect. Most people start planning many months or even years in advance. The emotions you’ll experience will range from holding back the tears as you finally find that perfect wedding dress to heartbreak as someone you cherish won’t be able to make it to your special day.

We know budget is a big deal, too. So, if saving money is also important, you really need our help. We can save you thousands of dollars. Well, we can and we do. Most people say “no way.” We say “Yes way.”

Here’s some facts to consider, real data:

Nearly 100% of couples make 3 critical mistakes before they hire the first vendor. We can prove this with 3 questions.

85% of couples make 3 more big mistakes as they hire the many vendors they need. We can prove this with 3 questions.

Nearly 100% of couples go 30-40% over budget.

How do you think their weddings will turn out?

In fact there are 10 mistakes you must avoid making. They could ruin everything. Sadly, few couples even realize they’ve made them. It’s like missing a road sign and driving for hours farther and farther from your destination, and running out of gas (i.e. money).

So budget and mistakes are the two main sources of the stress, anxiety, worry, even fights. Wait. We have a better, way funner way, that will blow your mind, in a good way. (Funner is my wife’s word !).

Let us help you, guide you, be the voice of reason, the calming smile and the helping hand.

Wedding vendors will bombard you with offers of all different shapes and sizes, each insisting what they sell is essential to your wedding’s success, and you should book them… today! Not true. Not even close. There’s an exact order in which to hire your vendors, or it could cost you thousands of dollars… for the exact same vendors… hired in the wrong order. It’s that amazing. Let us show you, on the screen !!!

Most couples confuse planning with booking. Planning has nothing to do with booking vendors. No more than planning a deck has to do with buying a pile of lumber. They also think booking a venue is the first thing to do, to get things rolling. This is so far wrong, it’s nuts. It’s Step 9, not 1 !!! It’s the worst thing you can do. The worst. Don’t. Wait till we show you how we do it, and how many thousands of dollars we can save you, and all that stress over money, in just 4 hours !!! You’re gonna love it. You can’t afford to pass this up.

Our positioning is 30,000 foot, high level strategic level thinking. Sorry, I’m an engineer and that’s how I roll. Well, not so sorry, just happy to help. We offer a totally unique way, share valuable insights, insider intel, so you can start to plan your whole wedding the right way. If you want a full on wedding planner to help with the zillions of details, we have great ones we are happy to recommend. After all, you have to make the final decisions anyway, so why not learn how from our decades of experience?

We saved one couple $18,880 and another couple, featured in the first video, a staggering $30,000. They’re not wealthy, having 500 person weddings. They’re just a nice young couple, having 75-150 person “normal” weddings (well, now they’re going to have an extraordinary wedding!). I am 100% sure we can help you a ton.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your process: from no-date-set to a-month-to-go. We are so sure you’ll get huge benefit, we’ll even offer you a $100 credit from our already low planning fee toward our DJ services, making us the best value in town. We can save you so many times what we charge, so our entire DJ service is essentially “FREE” !!!

We’ll help you have an even better wedding!

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Our Two-Hour Wedding Planning Strategy Session

Perpetual Rhythms :: Two-Hour Wedding Planning Consultation

Ron Finlay has been around the wedding industry for a long time. Through his involvement in hundreds of weddings, he’s seen what works … and what doesn’t. He’s seen brides and grooms waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on things they didn’t need at their weddings, simply because they were caught up in wanting to plan the perfect day and didn’t know better.

In a two one-hour wedding planning strategy sessions, Ron will help you:

  • create a plan for your wedding day, from choosing the perfect date, venue and vendor selection, logistics, dos and don’ts and a whole lot more – stuff you just won’t find anywhere else. It’s based on our 40+ years of seeing the results of other’s planning, and we have a better way – faster, stress free, hassle free, risk free, and it could save you more that you even imagined.
  • build a budget for all the things that you’ll need and highlight the most important places where you should spend your budget
  • recognize and avoid 3 critical mistakes that nearly every bride and groom make before hiring their first vendor, and avoid another 3 big mistakes that create stress and waste money
  • develop a blueprint for how to hire the vendors you need in the right order to potentially save you thousands of dollars

Our clients are amazed by how Ron helps take the overwhelming feeling of planning their wedding and break it down into simple and manageable steps, without sacrificing the emotional investment they make.

Your strategic session can be done over the phone, on a video call, or in person (as conditions allow).

Perpetual Rhythms :: Two-Hour Wedding Planning Consultation

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